Rockledge Fox Chase Business Association Dues Match Challenge

Rockledge Fox Chase Business Association Dues Match Challenge

In appreciation for allowing the Museum to participate in the RFCBA while we prepared to open, I will personally match RFCBA members’ contributions that help support the $125 dues that Rockledge Model Railroad Museum will pay for 2018.  My match will be made to RFCBA.  

You can participate by adding something extra to your dues payment directly to RFCBA and designating it to support RMRM dues and ensuring receipt by the treasurer by the March RFCBA meeting.  The treasurer will advise how much was collected and I will make matching payment at that time.

Or you can make a donation directly to Rockledge Model Railroad Museum, a 501(c)(3) charity. You will receive a IRS-acceptable charitable donation acknowledgement letter.  Please identify the donation “for RFCBA dues match.”    

You can help the Museum pay their dues AND get as much as an additional $125 into the RFCBA.


THANKS for your support.

Dean Fowler



Rockledge Model Railroad Museum

PO Box 154

Rockledge, PA 19046